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What is the best programming language for video game development

Nowadays coding has become an essential skill that is used in many different parts of the technology we encounter every day. That’s why it is crucial to understand it and find out which programming environment fits us best in order to learn this new and exciting skill.Furthermore, someone who is interested in video games design should consider what languages are mostly used on the games that are currently out, and which of those languages would suit his style.

First of all, every programming language has its perks, and it is mainly up to the programmer to choose which one fits his needs better. However, when it comes to video games, there are some specific languages that are simply more appropriate for the programming process.

For example, big console video games are best developed in C++, and small console ones can be developed in JAVA, C# or VB.

Smartphone applications

When it comes to cell phone games, aka apps, it is up to the operating system to find the perfect language. In particular, on iOS(iPhone,iPad,iPod) apps are usually developed in Objective C or in some rare cases in C++. On the other hand, Android apps are mostly created with JAVA or C++(rarely).

Web and Facebook games

For this type of games programmers usually prefer Flash (Action Script), HTML5 and/or AJAX( HTML and Javascript).

If you want to learn one language and become a professional video game developer, your best option would be either C# or C++. If you want to focus more on designing outstanding graphics, then you should go for C++. However, if you wish to learn one easy language quickly so you can start coding immediately, your best choice would be C#.

C++ is surely one of the most powerful programming languages that lets you have extensive control over the use of computer resources. If you use it correctly, it can definitely outperform all the other languages with its amazing speed and its incredible capability to use resources. AAA title games are primarily developed in this language.

As for C#, it is clearly easier to learn, and it provides amazing functions as well. It is preferred by people who dislike C++ or consider it too complicated.

All in all, there is no “ideal” programming language. C++ is mostly preferred because it is impressively fast, it supports various libraries and of course it is very mature, meaning that it is rather evolved through the years. Nonetheless, most apps use a combination of the above to get the task done.

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How To Start A Gaming Company

Playing games over the years since you were a kid has probably developed this passion for gaming in you and you therefore want to start a gaming company. You must believe that you can create better games than the majority of the much-hyped disappointing releases currently on the market. So what should you do in order to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry?

Understand that it isn’t easy, passion for gaming needs to be backed up by other factors for it to be successful. You can begin by doing the following?

Register Your Business

Game companies can be registered as sole proprietorships or partnerships. Consider starting your business as a limited liability company in order to avoid that personal liability for debts, especially if you are contemplating taking a large debt as capital.

Have A Team In Place

Running a gaming business by yourself can be very difficult. Find one or two like-minded programmers, graphic artists and one marketing and financial advisor. You can be the programmer, financial and marketing person but you will need to delegate other duties to one other person if you don’t want too many people.

Get Financing

You will need financing to help your gaming business build your first product. If you have an investor, then you are on the safe side. But if you are taking it out of your savings, you will require a steady job to finance the production of your first gaming product.

Create A Website

There is no business in this current day without a website. How else will you market the games you create? Make a website that is of high quality, easy to navigate and all the works. Remember this is the place where everyone will want to come to when your games become big hits and it must be accommodating.

Create Your Product

You will have to invest a lot of time in the creating your first product, unless you hire someone with previous experience in poker software development and the likes. Extensive research will be required. Find out what the gaming community is expecting in the new releases and stay informed on the industry news. You can find out the kind of games that are currently being worked on. Ensure that you have extensively tested your completed game before you introduce it to the market.

After doing this, be ready for the long haul, because it is going to get more demanding; after your first product success, your customers are going to be expecting a better product than the last one released.

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